Nokia 108 sync contacts

To copy your contacts via memory card:

1. Sync your old phone with Nokia Suite and export all your contacts to a folder. E.g. “c:\contacts” (select all contacts -> file menu -> export contacts). Contacts will be exported as separate .vcf files.
2. Now you have to merge them. Open command prompt. Type exactly: “cd c:\contacts” and hit enter. Then type: “copy *.vcf backup.dat” and hit enter. Wait for the files to merge. Close command prompt.
3. Copy “c:\contacts\backup.dat” file to the memory card and insert it to your Nokia 108 phone.
4. Restore your contacts from your Nokia 108 menu (Menu -> Contacts -> Settings -> Restore contacts). Wait a bit and enjoy 

Export VCF Files (NOK) (pt mine nu merge)

  • Selected all contacts in Outlook
  • Forwarded them as cards to myself
  • Saved all the attachments (vcards) in a folder, c:\temp
  • Opened a command prompt and typed the command copy /a *.vcf c:\allcards.vcf which concatenates all vcards into one (NOK cu bani)



copy *.vcf backup.dat



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