Acer Aspire 5315 – Realtek Audio Driver Failure

Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure [Error code 0xE0000227]

this problem makes me frustate !!!

but I have the solution right now !!

problem :

this occur after u install ur Windows OS and want to install audio driver (Realtek) in ur PC/notebook, there is an error saying that ur audio driver installation is failure and the error code is 0xE0000227.

solution :

first, prepare ur audio driver and download the Realtek driver (if u don’t have it).

second, u must right click on my computer –> device manager –> system devices –> disable and uninstall Microsoft UAA bus driver for high definition audio.

third, scan for hardware changes and if still there is no sound, install ur audio driver u’ve prepared at the first step.

restart ur computer.

and solved, it must be worked right now !!

i hope this little information will help u guys… ^^

Alta sursa:

No Audio, Install Realtek HD audio driver failure

Go to

Controls Panel
Expand System Devices
Right click on UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio and disable
Right click on UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio and Uninstall
Run driver setup, all should work 100%

Preluat de pe:, 03.05.2012


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